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‘Whiskey Headshot’ were a cult Liverpool band active between 2005-2008 and an essential part of the underground music scene amongst acts such as The Great Northwestern Hoboes, The Regimental, The Pedantics, Candie Payne, The Little Flames, The Jacs and Ladytron.

The band featured singer songwriter Mike Murphy (who went on to form The Wicked Whispers), Andy Smith (Future Guitarist of The Wicked Whispers) Paul Nelson (New Electric Ride / Green Seagull) and Ashley Morgan.

The band were noted for their extreme experimental angle to song structures and vocal delivery, noting Captain Beefheart, The Music Machine, Robert Johnson and The Byrds amongst their key influences.

Their reputation became somewhat notorious after playing non stop Liverpool guerilla shows over a 2 year period, having a very unique performance and delivery style which led to a sell out show at the then Liverpool Carling Academy, where shortly after band split due to personal differences.

The band lived together in a house on the world famous Penny Lane for a 12 month duration to write and develop music.

On reflection the band were essential to the formation of future projects, most notably The Wicked Whispers and was another key Liverpool lost treasure example.

‘Black Cat’ and ‘Strangers In The Night’ were recorded at The Motor Museum in 2007, which was then managed by music producer Mike Crossey. Just before its release, and whilst in talks with record labels, the bands split forced this release to be shelved and go unheard, until now!

CLICK HERE to pre-order to digital download version on iTunes now

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