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Made up of Nathaniel Cummings, Lewis McGuiness and brothers Phil and Danny Murphy (The Sand Band, James Skelly and The Intenders, Ian Skelly and The Serpent Power) The Levons are one of the most freshest and exciting new bands to emerge from Merseyside.

The Levons impressed Electone Records from the start when they caught the eye of Mike Murphy (The Wicked Whispers), whom invited them to play the labels club night a month later and was blown away.

With fantastic pop songs you wont forget in a hurry all wrapped up within an honest, fresh, and clean cutting sound, The Levons deliver a direct and simple but important rock n roll message which is long overdue.

After 2 on-line demos ‘Ain’t enough Days’ and ‘Stop these Games’ appeared earlier this year and had people hooked, The Levons now deliver their first release with their debut EP recorded and produced by Steve Powell (Mick Head, The Wicked Whispers, John Power) at Track Studios, Liverpool.

The 3 tracks on their debut EP deliver some truly incredible moments and those who love The Band, George Harrison, Peter Green and The Specials will all be hooked instantly. As a band who have all the elements a they need to make it huge, we are more than excited to see where this will take them!

Tracklisting :
1. The Other Guy
2. Train Wreck
3. The Trouble

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