• Image of Mama Roux - 'Mama Roux' (12" Vinyl)
  • Image of Mama Roux - 'Mama Roux' (12" Vinyl)
  • Image of Mama Roux - 'Mama Roux' (12" Vinyl)



1st Edition 12” EP / Vinyl (Includes Download Code)



With an illusive uprising ‘Mama Roux’ arrive with their self titled EP on Electone Records this summer!

After dedicating the past 12 months to blending their love of voodoo, jazz, rock and funk together inside what could be a witches melting pot, Mama Roux have been determined in bringing something all together different using conventional and even traditional elements.

With dark, soulful undertones and sultry grooves Mama Roux’s debut EP features 4 tracks which are delivered as timeless folk stories reflecting on both the personal and fictional. The instrumentation that surrounds it simply has no ceiling.

Leading track ‘The Storm’ see’s the band at their most progressive, unveiling a shifting and enchanting tale of the macabre galloping towards a memorizing and hungry climax.

This is an essential collectors purchase available on a beautiful 12” vinyl with exclusive artwork and downloadable code.

Tracklisting :

1. Fool for You

2. Never Been More Alone

3. The Storm

4. You’ve got to Live

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